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A New Bike Shop

We’re just getting off the ground preparing to offer bikes, parts, services, workshop space, classes, and wild odds & ends. We are welcoming to all and looking forward to including the surrounding community as much as possible.

our story

Making Stuff & Biking Places

Owner Nik Perry has been making strange and wonderful objects for years, easily found out in the wild in toy/gumball machines at local landmarks like the Wagon Wheel Diner.

Nik also spends his spare time fixing and building bicycles, for fun and for his grateful friends. The opportunity to start a bike shop that would also offer classes and an inclusive, engaging atmosphere just seemed like the logical next step.


In addition to great service and selection, Sadie’s Bikes will offer affordable, accessible classes on bike maintenance, tools, fabrication, and some fun guided bike tours and trips around town.

What We Offer


Used Bikes
Repaired, reclaimed, and refurbished bicycles

New Bikes
Partnering with current brands to offer a small selection of the best new bikes


Helmets, chains, pedals, bars, and a myriad of other fun pieces to make your bike the best it can be

Everything you need to keep rolling, from tires & tubes to wrenches and rivets


Bike Maintenance 101
An easy, beginner-friendly introduction to keeping everything lubed, locked, and lined up

Glam My Ride
Learn about all the doodads, gadgets, and gizmos to make your ride smooth like silk

Get in Touch

Does all of this sound as cool and fun to you as it does to us? Feel free to reach out with any requests, suggestions, input, support, or questions. We’re all ears!

Sadie’s Bikes
A new upstart start-up bike shop in Western Mass
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Open Hours

Friday & Saturday: 10am-6pm
Sunday: noon-6pm

Wednesday & Thursday: by appointment
Monday & Tuesday: Closed

Thursday Hours Coming Soon


42 Canal Rd
Turner’s Falls, MA 01376

(across the canal)